There are probably many jobs that you miss out on as a small sub-contractor due to the fact that you may not have the right equipment required for the job. Scaffolding is a piece of equipment that most contractors would need as it allows them to go where ladders can’t and it also provides a safe and flat surface for tradesmen to complete the job. This means quicker finishing times and that saving can be passed on to the customer. Your quotes are then more attractive and you get more jobs. However, buying scaffolding for the job is cost prohibitive and so you are losing out.

There is an answer however and it comes in the form of scaffolding services in Burton-on-Trent. They offer the rental of scaffolding for long or short term hire and having scaffolding on your site offers up many advantages.

  1. Due to its aluminium construction, it is lightweight, yet very strong and it can be moved around the site effortlessly from job to job. When it’s time to move onto a new job, you load it up in moments and take it to the new site.
  1. It allows easy access to the framework of the job and allows multiple trades people to work simultaneously to get the job done better and completed more quickly.
  1. It creates safety and security for your employees and for the building that you are working on. There is no need for the workers to have to step on to the building and that protects its integrity.

For your next big job, hire some scaffolding for the duration and enjoy all the benefits that it can provide you and your workers.