When it comes to hard surfaces, concrete is always a highly-effective option as far as materials go, and it’s one that is also extremely versatile. Use it for your driveway or use it for your backyard patio, but whatever your intentions are, you can rest assured that the concrete will perform well for years to come.

What’s important, however, is that the materials used to make the concrete are high quality and that the professionals installing your surfaces are experienced. By hiring specialists to install your concrete, you can reduce the risk of cracking and ensure that the finished product meets your requirements.

Choose Plain or Coloured Concrete

When choosing concrete, you will have the option to choose either plain or coloured concrete, so it’s important to consider your intentions before committing to a colour.

The colour options that you have are generally all on the dark side. Tan colours and variations of grey are fairly common, but the goal isn’t to create something unappealing or striking to the eye. Still, you will have a huge selection of pleasant colours to choose from, and you can either colour the entire space a single colour or split your concrete into sections to make use of multiple colours.

Additionally, there are other options such as pave-cut concrete and exposed aggregates that produce unique looks of their own.

From Driveways to Backyard Patios

Before you commit to a colour, think about what the concrete will be used for. The purpose of a front driveway is different than that of a backyard patio used for entertainment, and there are a ton of other uses for concrete in Melbourne, some of which may be entirely unique.

Your concrete suppliers are also your installers and designers, so once you are ready to move forward with a project, you can set up a consultation and explain what you need. Your concrete specialists will design the space according to your specifications, which includes marking the area and selecting the material.

Great Results from Professional Installation

The more experience your installers have designing and installing concrete, the better your concrete will turn out. There are certain steps that need to be executed to prevent the concrete from cracking, and the right preparations will ensure that the project goes smoothly.

Your installers will have the tools and expertise to complete your concrete project efficiently, so you will never be left dissatisfied or with an incomplete concrete surface.

Learn about Other Materials

If you prefer something other than concrete, there are other materials that may be worthwhile to consider as well. A close relative of concrete is exposed aggregate, which is essentially a decorative concrete. There are natural stones embedded into a concrete base, creating an interesting-looking surface that is every bit as durable as concrete.

Exposed aggregates are commonly used for patios, driveways, pool decks, and paths, and by getting in touch with a concrete specialist, you can learn about all the different options. Similar to concrete, exposed aggregate is available in various colours, styles, and textures.