Selecting the right flooring for your home can be confusing. Keep in mind that flooring adds value to your home, and it’s absolutely necessary to consider durability and maintenance. Hardwood flooring or solid timber flooring has been a classic choice for homes, and it does have a few pros and cons. In this guide, we are discussing all aspects worth knowing about solid hardwood flooring, including a check at what it means to choose this option over engineered wood.

Solid hardwood vs. engineered wood

Solid timber flooring is 100% hardwood. On the other hand, engineered wood comes with a top layer of hardwood, which is placed on an engineered wood surface. The core of engineered wood usually includes soft plywood, and there can be many layers, depending on the quality you choose. Hardwood is much more durable compared to engineered wood, and yes, it also adds more value to your home. To be more precise, you are likely to fetch a better price for your home with hardwood floor than engineered wood. In terms of pricing, hardwood is obviously more expensive and lasts for years, while engineered wood is inexpensive and is best suited for rooms with limited foot traffic.

Pros and cons

There is no denying that engineered wood is getting popular by the day, but many experts would still prefer hardwood. With hardwood, you can create a natural home, and while the material itself is susceptible to scratching, proper installation and finishing can prevent the same. From the point of reselling the property, hardwood is a much better investment for sure. Refinishing hardwood is also easier, and you can maintain the look of the flooring for years to come. It is also possible to manage the fading that many people consider to be a disadvantage of hardwood.

As for the cons, hardwood is expensive. It is not the ideal choice for every budget, and if you don’t choose a good vendor, there are high chances of compromises on the quality of wood being used.

Final word

Both hardwood and engineered wood are great for contemporary homes, and it depends on what you are looking for and your budget. Find a good installation company, take their inputs as what may work best for your home, and ask for an estimate, so as to compare the choices better. It is almost impossible to replicate the charm of hardwood to be fair.