In the construction industry, piling construction is an effective method to offer maximum support for structures. Usually, it is chosen if the building’s surface substrate is weak and when the structure to be constructed is very heavy.

A pile and beam foundation depends on strong piles to be driven down to low depths. Traditionally, piles are made of wood and wood pilings remain a great choice for pile and beam foundations up the present day. Below are the major benefits of wood piles and poles:

They Have Exceptional Performance

Wood piles have been known for being a high-performance material. Even if the construction industry has been using concrete and steel pile construction, wood pile and beam foundations remain the preferred choice because of their performance.

They are Easy and Quick to Install

When doing any construction project, contractors and clients will want to achieve the best results possible in the least amount of time. This requires an efficient installation. Because concrete and steel are naturally heavy, they require lots of preparations and the use of special equipment. However, wood pilings are lightweight and don’t require the same equipment to be installed. Essentially, installing wood piles is simpler and it is unlikely for builders to make mistakes.

Moreover, house pilings like wood pilings have faster installation. Their being lightweight makes it easier for builders to maneuver them and guarantee the right placement. Projects which involve the use of concrete or steel can be harder and will take more time to finish than projects built with wood piling.

They are Readily Available

With concrete and steel pilings, it is common to experience the frustration when you need to wait for the piles to arrive. This has to do with the manufacturing process and delivery speed. But, wood piling is faster in these aspects and the right supplier can tailor deliveries to meet their clients’ needs. Any contractor would agree that the faster the materials can be obtained the faster the construction can start, making clients happier.

They are Renewable

Wood piles are renewable resources as they are often made from wood species and can be harvested from responsibly managed forests. Also, processing them does not take so much energy. This means that wood pilings are friendly to the environment compared with steel and concrete.

Whatever your project is, the reasons above should convince you to use wood piles. Just ensure you get them from a reputable supplier so you can buy high-quality piles.