The home that we once thought would be large enough for the upcoming 10 years ahead, has suddenly gotten smaller. The plans that we made back then didn’t account for having 2 more kids than you said you would have and throw in a few dogs and cats for good measure as well. You could move to a larger home, but you choose this area for good reasons and you and your family like it here. Moving is not an option and so the next best thing is to build an extension onto your current property and hopefully, that will create a little more space.

For those of you who think the cost of an extension in Harrogate is a little steep, you need to look at the bigger picture. Money spent now is a wise investment and you will recoup that money back when you sell. An extension can provide you with a number of things.

  • A new bedroom or bedrooms can be easily added onto the current structure by your builder and they should be ready to move into in about 3 weeks. This will certainly keep the kids happy, at least for a while.

  • A new study is just what you need to be able to complete additional work that you don’t want to stay in the office for. It can also be a place to enjoy a good book and a cup of coffee.

  • An additional bathroom would solve a lot of problems and that queue in the mornings to get in would be a thing of the past.

Your local builder can build an extension for you to your exact specifications and he can cover the paperwork required for such a job.